I just wanted to share that I'm totally obsessed with my new wardrobe. Working with you was one of the best decisions I've made. I really love everything and how it works together. I've been recommending you non-stop so hopefully you'll get some calls from my crew in NYC. Thank you!


"Style is such a personal characteristic and Natalie has this amazing ability to tune into what you like and offer suggestions to enhance what you already own. She worked within my means and was able to able to find pieces at stores like Madewell, Zara, and vintage boutiques that were more affordable. Her genuine kindness is an added plus! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a stylist or personal shopper. She’s the best!"


"Natalie is efficient, patient, responsive and easy to work with. She stayed within my parameters for a budget and helped me step outside my regular fashion boundaries."


"Nat is fantastic! Fun and easy approach to improving your style and your approach to shopping. "


"Since I started working with Natalie, I haven’t shopped for anything without her. She styles me each new season, and helps me with every gift I purchase year round. She has fantastic taste, and always seems to know what’s up."


"I am not even exaggerating when I tell you that I have gotten so many compliments on my outfits. One of my friends did not even recognize me from behind when I was waiting for her at the bar. I feel great, and it is so gratifying that I know I look chic and pulled together when I am out. My husband has also been pretty impressed, which is great after being together for 15 years! I also feel more confident when looking at clothes: I'm better about remembering my waist and neckline and to check the material. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Really, I feel fantastic!"


"I would highly recommend Natty Style to anyone! I have never used a stylist or personal shopper before, and really didn't know what to expect - but Natalie more than exceeded my expectations. Very approachable, great at keeping prices and monetary expectations in mind and amazing at putting phenomenal looks together.  First, we communicated by e-mail (since I'm in a different city). She asked questions about my lifestyle and the kind of clothes that I would need, about my budget, about how I'd like to change my look and even asked me to send her pictures. She definitely did her homework. By the time that we actually met she had not only a game plan in place for our shopping time, but also had TONS of great ideas. Natalie is fun! She's like a longtime girlfriend who you feel completely comfortable with. From picking out clothes that you would never have tried on in a store, offering you her honest opinion (I heard, "we can do better" more than a few times!), and joking around, our time flew by. I loved the fact when redoing most of my current wardrobe that she started at JCrew (far more reasonable) for many of the basics and then we ended up at Saks for particular specialty items. I really appreciated that she doesn't get commissions from any stores or brands. Therefore, she puts you in the clothes that work for you best. She also finished up by creating "Look Book" with pictures of the various outfits. Since I was redoing my wardrobe, we bought a lot of mix and match fundamentals and having a pictorial record of all of the options is really helpful. She also gave me so many great ideas, suggestions and tips on putting great outfits together aside from the clothes that we actually bought. It was a great experience, I would highly recommend Natalie to anyone, and hope that I'll be able to get to use her again."


"Natalie is professional and totally trustworthy. Two things that I wasn’t 100% sure I would find in a personal stylist to be honest! I figured she would be fashionably late, and maybe a little flighty – but that wasn’t the case at all. Although she’s relaxed and a ton of fun to work with, this chick knows her stuff."


“What a delight to work with Natty Style!  Natalie Decleve has transformed my wardrobe beginning with a closet cleaning, to shopping, to styling.  I have recently lost a significant amount of weight so Natalie provided a thorough head to toe consultation.  She steered me in the right direction with age appropriate and very fashion forward clothing – everything from jeans and sweaters to cocktail attire.  My husband and daughter, family and friends have all noticed and complimented my style.  I respond: “Well, I’m NATTY, aren’t I?” Natalie and I are beginning a long and beautiful relationship!”


I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first when my wife bought me a gift certificate for Natalie’s services for my birthday.  I thought it was a waste of time and money, but boy was I wrong!  First off, it was fun and I look awesome.  I can’t even believe the crap I used to think was acceptable.  Second off, the store discounts at super hip stores more than outweighed the cost of services!  So basically, I got a bunch of cool stuff that I never would have found, for less than I would have paid on my own (if I ever found it), and I got Natalie’s help.  I’ll never shop the old way again.


Barneys didn’t know what hit them...and neither did I!  I have always been daunted by shopping as I’ve never felt awesome about my body.  That all changed when I shopped with Natalie.  I seriously feel like a new woman, and can’t thank her enough!


I live out of state and come to NYC now JUST to see Natalie every season and shop. She’s worth the trip and is so efficient that she makes the travel worth it. I still love everything from last year, and just keep coming back for more.


I hate shopping, Natalie makes it easy and actually enjoyable. Who knew? I recommend her to everyone and anyone who’ll listen.


It’s like shopping with your best friend...but with better taste, and you get all of the attention. So much fun!


Being my first time to NYC, I was a bit nervous--not knowing what to expect, where to go, etc... however, Natalie really listened to my concerns. She took my budget and lifestyle into consideration. Our shopping day was well planned out, highly organized. I returned home with a brand new wardrobe. I am very pleased with Natalie's styling services. I am already planning a return trip for my winter clothes. I highly recommend Natalie, she took my style and "polished it" — I now have a professional look that works for my lifestyle.


I neglected my casual clothes shopping for years and had to start from scratch.  I sat down with Natalie tobriefly discuss what I wanted to accomplish from head to toe and gave some budgetary guidelines.   After only four hours of my life, I came home with a brand new stylish casual wardrobe within the budget defined.  Natalie takes all the pain out of shopping by pre-picking out the clothes before we met.  She has amazing connections at some of the top clothing stores in New York City.  The experience was positive enough that I plan to continue working with Natalie to ensure the wardrobe stays up to date going forward.   


"Hooked! I can’t make a move without her."


"Natalie was fantastic to work with. She was extremely kind and gentle as she went through my closet. She was well prepared for what would work with my body type. I have a confidence about my body that I didn’t have before. Natalie showed me how my curves can wear the trends. I did a fashion show with my girlfriends and they were floored. They couldn’t believe that I had been hiding behind my conservative clothes."


"Natalie always seems to be “in the know”, whether it’s regarding trends, events or sales – if it has to do with fashion, she’s on it! She has impeccable taste and made me feel “effortlessly chic” as she put it… something I have always wanted to achieve, but haven’t had the time to invest in learning how. "


"Natalie did an outstanding job for me starting with a new wardrobe and then leading the charge on my holiday shopping. She is very detail oriented and user friendly. If you are interested in staying on top of the latest styles but don’t have the time to do it yourself I highly recommend Natalie."


"I have recently begun working with Natalie and can already safely – and highly – recommend her services. She is professional, on time, and we accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. As a mother of two young children, I would simply never be able to accomplish as much as we did in two meetings, including a half-day of shopping, even over a much longer period of time. Natalie has the patience of a saint and the creativity and energy to keep pulling new pieces from the racks long after I would have run out of steam on my own, with the result that I ended up with a lot of clothes, of different types and brands and styles, and at a very reasonable expense given what we achieved. I was most impressed by the fact that Natalie was able to work with – and expand – my own style, rather than impose her own style on me, even though she is younger than me and we have completely different lifestyles. I look forward to our next round of shopping!"


"I highly recommend Natalie for any styling or personal shopping need. She has a great taste level and will find fashionable pieces on any budget. Natalie is resourceful and has developed excellent relationships in the retail industry. I always consult Natty before making a large or small purchase! Her positive energy makes working with her a pleasant experience every time."


"Natalie is a total pro! Her range of style is amazing. She helps me with any and all of life’s outfit occasions. If I need a black-tie dress, I call Natalie. When I need interview suits, I call Natalie. When I subsequently need a new work wardrobe when transitioning to a hip, creative office, I call Natalie. Weekend wear, winter coats, game-changing boots, you name it, she is definitely the expert, and the one I trust with what I wear.


"I confess that I was nervous about the experience of working with a personal shopper. I imagined a “What Not to Wear” kind of experience, so when my husband gave me “the gift of style” for Christmas – I was almost as nervous as I was excited. I should have only been excited! Natalie was so positive and gentle in her approach that I never felt judged for my outdated wardrobe. I left the experience feeling fantastic about my body and so much more confident getting dressed for every occasion. I’d highly recommend her services as a gift for yourself or anyone you know!"


Natalie, thanks so much for yesterday. I really enjoyed meeting you and working with you. I am a complete convert! You were so professional and incredibly helpful. I loved everything I bought (and my husband does too!), and I am going to recommend you to all my friends and (many) sisters. I look forward to working with you in the fall!